social media marketing & its advantages

What is social media marketing & its advantages

What is social media marketing & its advantages

Social media marketing & its advantages

Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing of Hubspot once said, “Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are.” 

And I couldn’t agree more with her. Today our audience is more active on social media than anywhere else (not even the gym), which is why the term  ‘social media marketing’ is gaining a lot of significance. Social media marketing is a modern tool for marketing your brand online and building up traffic on your website. People are already using social networking sites to stay connected with their family and friends and at the same time meet new people, why not use it as an advantage and promote your services and products too?

social media marketing & its advantages

If you really want to get into the reasons why SMM is important for your business, then let’s do it. Here are  social media marketing & its advantages and what it can do for your business: 

1.Increased brand awareness. 

It goes without saying that implementing a good social media marketing strategy would get you increased brand awareness. Either by liking your content or sharing it with others, people will talk about your page which is why one must post unique content with exceptional graphical pictures. It reminds me that, TFG Solution does aid its clients with graphic designing for social media marketing, so if you need any help you can always drop a message on Whatsapp or email us.

2.Improved Search engine rankings.

 Another advantage of SMM is the improved search engine rankings, although this one might need a little more consistency if you want to see grand results. Posting about your website on the page might get you visitors but to convert those visitors into regular readers or customers you need to be consistent with your content. But more than consistency what’s more important is the quality of your content. The moment you got the quality of your content and its consistency covered, users would start noticing you and your brand (it goes without saying but getting noticed will increase your audience, of course). Studies state that more than 55% of marketers report that social media marketing has helped them get more audience to their website than ever. 

3. Higher conversion rates. 

When you have an audience that follows you and your recommendations, what are the chances that they would also be interested in your products too? I’d say, BOATLOAD! Every single person visiting or page is a potential customer and every image, mini blog or a video that you post gets you increased traffic on your website too. I’m telling you social media marketing is a boon to business entrepreneurs. 

4.Better customer satisfaction.

Who doesn’t like receiving some attention, like a personalized message regarding the products? Customers feel valued when they see that their comments and shoutouts regarding your products where noticed and acknowledged by you. You want to show you care about your customer’s needs and wants? Try interacting with them on your social media. You would notice the difference yourself. If there is any inquiry regarding your products and services they wouldn’t have to wait for 2-3 business days to get a reply, contacting you over social media would be easier for both parties. 

5.Improved inbound traffic.

When marketing on social media, the number of audiences that you would approach is countless. Without the help of social media, your business would be stuck with regular customers, but with social media marketing, it has been the probability of spreading across the globe. 

6.Improved brand loyalty. 

Our goal shouldn’t be just to convert visitors into customers or clients, instead, it should be to make those once in a while customers into brand-loyal customers. And how do we do that? The logic is simple, whom would you rather trust; a person who you don’t know much about or a person whom you know enough to be able to put your faith in them? Obviously, like any sane person, it would be the latter. The same logic applies in the business world, consumers would trust you more when they know about you and your company; and how do we do that? Take them behind the scenes, introduce promotional campaigns and engage with them over comments.


We can’t thank enough the creators of these social media networks for allowing us to create our accounts completely free of charge. But of course, creating an account is not enough, one does require some professional guidance when you have the capability of reaching a wider audience (one wouldn’t want any mistakes). 

I can’t talk about others but at TFG Solution you sure can get all these benefits and so much more all within your budget. We recognize your brand as our own and make sure it gets all the love and support it deserves. Here we explained about social media marketing & its advantages. If any queries feel free to contact us. Also we have Website for Gamers.