Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization Company

Every one turns to Google for almost everything and therefore it has become imperative for businesses to rank higher on Google search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a moving target and It is getting increasingly difficult to rank on the first page of Google for keywords relevant to your business using SEO. As a leading SEO Company in Mumbai, we know that a meticulous planning and strategic implementation is the key to achieving great SEO results. Once you contact us for SEO Services, we will begin our recommendations with a complimentary analysis of your website. Our SEO services include targeting the most promising keywords for your business and industry. Also it includes creating a high-quality backlinks, and optimizing your On-page and Off-page. So it is a planned mix of advanced crawling software and manual audits to check every page of your website.

Search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Why Choose TFG Solution for Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Packages are not only affordable; it’s simply BEST in the Industry. Yes, you heard the same. This is what makes us one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, India.
We have many reasons why you should consider us as a part of your digital marketing campaign. Let’s have a cup of coffee and discuss.

Frequently changing Google search algorithms and increasing competition makes it a challenge to stay on top of Google search results. TFG Solution provides services of Website Development and Graphic Designing. It is the best website development company in mumbai, India. We also develop websites for gamers.

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What are the Types of SEO TFG SOlution provides


There are two kinds of search engine optimization, organic and local. Organic SEO focuses on large scale generic keywords to get traffic to a website. Local SEO focuses on generic keywords modified with a local environment (generally a city name) to get specific traffic from an area to a website. For example, indexing for the word “car wash” is wonderful, however it probably will not bring much actual traffic to your business. The reason is that searches for “Famous car wash” are returning local results that people can use to make a choice about where to spend their money. While a global indexing might show lots of traffic, it probably isn’t going to result in sales because people are not willing to drive from one state to another just because your website showed up in that list. Local SEO utilizes locally modified search phrases and keywords, as well as local results listed in the major engines specialized “local” sections. . A good example of this would be found in the example of trying to gain rankings for “SEO company” vs “TFG Solution SEO company.” Trying to gain rankings outside of our local city opens up a competitive space that is enormous vs one that only involves companies that specialize in City, or are located physically in Mumbai. For this reason we concentrate on rankings for the local area, which gives us a higher probability of success for the amount of work time we have at our disposal.


Organic search happens when search engines decide there’s no local intent in the search. The searcher is looking for information rather than a specific location.

Maybe I’m not as tired as I thought I was. I think I’ll make food instead of ordering one. So I search for “Paneer Recipe” (I was hungry when I wrote this) and the search engine will try to give me the best, most relevant recipes.

So, you might be wondering how search engines determine which food places (local results) or recipes (organic results) are the best or the most relevant.

Search engines use hundreds of factors to rank and index websites in searches, including keywords, outbound and inbound links and even grammar, to name just a few.

TFG Solution provides both types of SEO along with the Website Designing. We make sure your website ranks on TOP and you get good amount of clients for your business.

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