How to start an online business

How to start an online business

How to start an online business

We’ll be discussing a few steps and guidelines on how one can start an online business. 

Step one: Research the market.

The first step always seems uncertain. Most often it’s one of the two things; either one is too confident that they are ready to just start selling their product and see where it goes or they are not sure if it’s the right thing to do. In both cases there is a high probability of making a blunder. To avoid that situation, we shall take baby steps, we’re sure you must have heard ‘slow and steady wins the race’. We totally get it you have an idea and just want to see the end of it and you’re feeling the adrenaline rush through your body but we don’t want you to make a mistake that you might regret. Therefore before implementing your strategies for business, do some research not just on the product you want to sell but also the market and your target audience. Observe what other companies are selling, how they are selling, their marketing strategies, and also look at what’s missing, what could have been done more effectively and efficiently which those companies aren’t doing. Plan your strategies, detail by detail. For example, if you are planning on making customized products (such as mugs, hoodies, key chains, bags, etc) research what other people in this business are doing?  And while you’re at it, also make sure you go through the online business laws. 

Step two: Target audience. 

After researching the market, focus on researching your target audience. The target audience is nothing but a group of people who will be willing to buy your product. Answer questions like, which age group people are already using those products? Which group of people would benefit from your products? Which group of people have economic resources and are willing to make a purchase? For instance, baby products (such as diapers, baby lotions, and powders, baby food)  are for babies but those can’t be your target audience. Your target audience would be parents, who have the economic resources and obviously need those products for their babies. 

Step three: E-commerce platform. 

It’s time to get practical! After all the research work now you have to find a platform on the internet where you can sell your products, like an online store. More than often people prefer creating their own websites rather than being dependent on an external one. Imagine the platform where you have your online store shut down or have some technical errors.  Due to which chances are you would also have to shut down your store, which is of course very unfair. So to avoid taking the risk, another option is creating your own website where everything is on you. You design the way you want it, you decide the color schemes, you decide the number of pages, you choose what payment methods you want and you regularly update your website. It’s like having your own cute little shop but online.

However, it’s possible that not everyone is tech-savvy and can easily create a website but that’s where we TFG Solution comes into the picture, we’ll have professionals and experts do the work for you and at a very cost-efficient price. 

Step four: Spread the word. 

Now while we are building you the website, you can start with creating awareness about your store. Decide when you want to launch it and let others know about it, that way on the day of launch you already have a line of customers ready and excited to see your collection and you wouldn’t have to wait another week before attracting your customers. Since your entire business is online, distributing pamphlets would not do the trick. Have you heard about social media marketing? Try that. The advantages of social media marketing are that you don’t have to spend another thousand rupees on advertising your product. All you have to do is a post about your company, the products, and services you offer with the right amount of correct keywords and hashtags and be consistent. Now some of you might think that’s too much work, you already have so much on your plate you have to work on the legalities and your production, one might not have enough time to be present on social media. What if I told you, we have experts for that too? Yes, TFG Solution has experts in social media marketing who would be more than happy to promote your business online just for you. So that you don’t have to worry about it and focus on your business production. 

Step five: The final. 

After doing your research on basically all aspects of business, when your online store is ready and all your friends and followers are patiently waiting for you to open the gates, nothing is left to do but to open the gates!! 

Lastly, we just want to let you know that TFG Solution would be happy to be part of your journey. We assist in Web designing, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, and graphic designing

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