what is a blog

What is blog | Benefits of blog | Blog promotion

What is blog |Benefits of blog |Blog promotion

What is a blog?

A blog is a ‘weblog’, a kind of website, a journal that is updated regularly. It is a discussion platform besides being a content achieve. People can discuss a topic on a blog and comment on posts.

What is blogging?

Every activity and skillset that is required to manage a blog comes under the purview of blogging, for example, writing posts, publishing them, designing, social media marketing, etc. In simple words, blogging is the process of adding new content to a blog and updating it at regular intervals.

  • Blogger:- A person who designs or writes a blog is called ‘blogger’.

  • Blogger(service):- It is a service provided by Google that allows us to compose a post, edit, update and manage it. You can customize your blog easily with the help of a ‘blogger’. It lets you share what is in your mind and money. It is a convenient platform for avid as well as novice users. Technical knowledge or coding is not required. It runs directly on google servers and is impossible to hack.

  • WordPress:- It’s a free software to create and customize a search engine friendly website or a blog. A number of themes and plugins are available to transform your website as required. Approximately 70 million people are a part of the WordPress community. WordPress is available in both free and premium plans.

  • Blogspot:- Blogspot is a free web hosting service gifted to web developers by Google. It helps Google blogger in delivering its service. We cannot use any other platform to use it.

  • Tumbler:- It is a microblogging platform that allows us to make a blog and customize it. We may use stories, images, videos, audios, etc. Bloggers can either keep their blogs private or follow other blogs.

what is blog

Benefits of blogging:-

  • Better online influence. It assists in making an impression on grabbing a good profile.

  • Maintaining a blog can help improve your writing skills.

  • It forms a good source of income.

  • You can get instant feedback in the form of comments and shares.

  • Get a long fan following list.

  • A blogger can easily become a published author.

  • Maintaining a blog can help you improve your technical skills on WordPress and also SEO.

  • A blog can help you build a strong network.

  • Blogs can be a great virtual store for online selling.

  • Blogging is a great way to share your ideas.

  • Bloggers can be sound learners, as they tend to read and engage more in such content.

Setting a blog using WordPress:-

You can create a blog on many platforms. They can be either free or paid. Here is how you can create a blog usingĀ  WordPress-

  • Create your account on WordPress.com. Enter your name and E-mail address and other required details.

  • Select a web address, it can be either free or premium.

  • Choose a suitable WordPress form.

  • Set up your profile and set your profile page.

  • Configure site setting like site title and tagline.

Blog Promotion

You can take the following measures to promote your blog:

  • Connect your blog to Google+ to allow auto-sharing.

  • Post quality content and post daily.

  • Write search engine friendly content.

  • Have an Email button in order to receive feedback from your readers.

  • Use your blog link in mail signatures.

  • Enable site feed to let more people subscribe to your content.

  • Submit your blog to blog directories.

  • Actively comment on other’s posts.

  • Use social media for branding.

  • Write as a guest blogger.

Blog Commenting

  • Add a few attractive phases with exclamation mark to draw attention.

  • Comment as early as possible, because the first few comments are the ones read by most.

  • Don’t be rude or use offensive language.

  • Refrain yourself from over-promoting.

  • Include questions in your comments.

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