Android Application development company in Mumbai

Android Application development company in Mumbai

Android Application development company in Mumbai

In business, whatever one does never seems to be enough. One has to keep exploring new ways to promote their products, new platforms to sell their services. Sometimes having a website or being active on social media also doesn’t seem enough, but what more can we do to boost our sales?

I’ve got three words for you, Android Application development! Android has accounted for more than 70% of all the smartphone sales worldwide during the beginning of 2020. With 2.57 millions applications Google play has the most number of applications (Yes, even more than iOS.) You know what does that mean? That means, there is a majority of the audience waiting for your business to step foot in the Android world. 

Why does one need Android app development for their business?

 Not one, not two I’ve got 5 major reasons on how an Android app helps you with your business. 

1. Increased RoI.

Ever heard of Android’s SDK? Nah? Let me enlighten you, Android’s SDK is an abbreviation for Android’s Software Development Kit. It includes all the technical stuff such as required libraries, debugger, an emulator, relevant documentation for the Android application program interfaces, sample source code etc. To work with these programs, developers must be updated  with the current versions of SDK. And Android provides this kit for free, so the only charges you’ll have to pay for would be for the development of the application and the licensing which also is much lower as compared to iOS.  

Being an open-source platform, it is easily accessible to the developers and app developers at TFG Solution would be more than happy to help you create an app you want for your business.

2. Convenient with BYOD.

BYOD, Bring Your Own Device is as the name suggests a trend wherein employees can use their personal phones, laptops or computers for work. In other words, small business companies with a limited budget do not have to spend any extra penny (provided their employees have functioning smartphones or laptops). Android app development can work very well on any smartphones or laptops, one doesn’t have to buy complicated devices.

3. Smooth customization.

Android app development gives you the freedom to be as creative and as innovative you want to be with your application. You’re free to customise your apps as and how you wish them to. Now all you need to do is contact TFG Solution and our one of the best app developers who understands your creative mind would help you bring your imagination into reality.

4. Enhanced Security.

Imagine putting all your efforts in creating an innovative app for your business and on the day of its launch you find it damaged due to some malware. Bummer, right? But if you’re working with Android Google, you have nothing to worry about. Over the years Google has come up with various business-friendly features which provide protection from such kinds of malware.

5. Growing platform.

Without a doubt, we all can agree that Android has grown so much over the past decade and it will continue to grow. And why wouldn’t one want to be a part of this growing platform?

If you’ve made up your mind and now are looking for Android app developers, look no further. Contact TFG Solution at  and we’ll be thrilled to work with you. Aside from app development, we also provide services such as Website designing, graphic designing for social media marketing, brochures, business cards and so much more. Website for gamers

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